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Process Weighing Software I 410 PWS

The I 410 PWS software enables the I 410 weight indicator to be integrated into an industrial process controlled by a PLC or a PC.
The main features are:
– simultaneous display of 10 weighing channels.
– communication with a PLC or PC in process or regulated mode.
– the monitoring of 4 weight thresholds and an analogue 4-20 mA output for each channel.
– support of remote display and printing devices.

The operating parameters within the I 410 system are independently configurable for each channel and are structured in files based on four levels of access via password:
• Engineer:
Metrological adjustment and Input/Output configuration.
• Supervisor:
Configuration, Serial port
• Operator:
Configuration of thresholds.
• User:
Limited rights for viewing and printing. 

This modular approach and segmentation of parameters enables the I 410 system to be easily integrated into the majority of industrial processes. It also provides security of operation by denying access to unauthorised operators.

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