Precia molenLevné váhy PRECIA AccessPallet Scale (Stainless) R4 SS PP

Pallet Scale (Stainless) R4 SS PP

Specially designed for weighing pallets, the R4 Access Pallet Scale range receptors are equipped with 4 shear beam load cells for optimum reliability and precision.

The R4 Access Pallet Scale receptors are available in two capacities, i.e. 600 and 1,500 kg…


Stainless Steel (R4 FS PP-S)

  • Stainless steel structure and load cells.
  • Protection IP 65.
  • Nickel steel load cells
  • Castor wheels


The R4 Access Pallet Scale receptors can be used with a large number of indicators in the PRECIA MOLEN range for controlled use up to 1,500 increments (Trade Use)* or for internal use up to 15,000 divisions (Non-Trade Use).

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